Thursday, January 13

School's In

Last night I went to Moksha yoga, this morning my body is angry at me. Moksha yoga and I have a love/hate relationship. I curse it for the entire 90 minute class, threatening death and destruction and then minute I leave it and I'm out on the street I have never felt better and cannot wait until the next time I can return. There are really only two things that keep me from attending regularly: money and laziness. The worst thing is the laziness is only a matter of taking the time out of my evening to go to the building where the class is, it's not even a physical feeling of laziness. Normally, I find the hot studio helps my muscles take the stretches better leaving me less sore than if I just do regular yoga. Last night, however, was the first time since November I've managed to talk myself into going leaving my muscles moody.

Club Monaco shirt, Katrina Tuttle dress, Hue tights x2, Steve Madden booties 

Today I felt like being fancy. Not over-the-top fancy rather a nice, pulled-together, warm-wintery, type of fancy. I realized this was the perfect opportunity to wear my newest tuttle for the second time and pair it with my black tie-shirt. I loved the look of this outfit even if it did make me feel like I was back in grade 6 getting dressed in my school uniform - all that's missing are the white nights and oxfords. Something about the shirt bow over the chest of the dress made it feel like a jumper. To make this outfit more sleek I may have chosen tights that weren't coloured - sheer black with a line up the back, and paired it with my black pumps to create a longer line.

I apologize for the blurriness of some of the photos, we were in a rush when we took them causing a little carelessness. I included the final photo to better show off how the purple looked with the dress.


  1. I am totally the same kind of lazy all the time :) If it's too far, I pass.

    And this is just the right kind of fancy! I really like the dark purple tights, I think it's a great subtle burst of color :)

  2. What a cute, vintage-looking outfit! Love it to death!

  3. I love your outift! 'Specially the boots. :)


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