Wednesday, January 12

Mixing Patterns, or something like it

Slowly but surely I am becoming more comfortable with mixing patterns. The first challenge was to get me to wear patterns at all, which I can proudly say I can do no problem! A realization in this success was the existence of patterns I actually like, no wait - LOVE. The second challenge is to get me comfortable enough with said patterns in my possession so I begin mixing them a little. This is incredibly important because a patterned item of clothing sticks out causing the owner to not want to repeat to often in fear of it becoming stale. By combining patterns each pattern in the ensemble can be seen in a new light making it shiny, new and exciting. 

Ben Sherman shirt, BCBG skirt, Club Monaco belt, Hue tights, Steve Madden shoes

I'm not even sure if this counts as mixing patterns since the patterns are so far apart from each other - please set me straight if it doesn't. I had begun the morning with my plaid shirt, checkered tights and polka dot shoes but scared myself off and downgraded to black tights. I wish I had taken one photo with the original three patterns to get your feedback. I almost switched to my black pumps but instead ran out of my apartment and into my car before I could wuss out. It still feels wrong but seeing the pictures helps to reaffirm that this was a pretty successful experiment. Any expert pattern mixers out there must just think I'm such a silly, inexperienced thing. If there are, or if you do, don't hold back - it will only make me braver next time. This outfit also had a red cardigan but I misplaced it right before I took my photos, I suppose I'll just have to repeat this sometime so you can see what it looks like with the cardigan, I may even try out a patterned tight.

Side note: Kristen has tagged me in Seven Secrets so stay tuned... I'm just waiting on my sister to deliver a few photo gems.


  1. It counts! And I think the tiny dots work VERY well with the larger plaid print. You rock blacks better than anyone :)

  2. i am madly in love with your shoes, those are the most perfect adorable shoes, ever. of all time. my boyfriend is starting to get jealous.
    I have a mild obsession with five main patterns: polka dots, stripes, plaid, buffalo check. I own so much buffalo check (including an adorable shirt dress) my friends say I'm lumberjack chic...I'm still debating the competition it's so scary to think of limiting my wardrobe, and also the restrictions of my work uniform of sloppy clothes meant to get dirty, it would make the challenge less fun.
    I also adore the honeysuckle color, it reminds me of dusty rose that was semi popular in the mid 90s, but this is slightly brighter and more romantic.


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