Thursday, January 20


When I woke up yesterday morning I was dreaming of a day full of ad design, followed by leaving an hour early for an intro chiropractic exam (something which is totally new to me but may help the hunch I'm developing), a mexican inspired dinner and an early showing of The King's Speech. While all these events did take place in the above stated order, 45 minutes before leaving for my appointment I was asked to present a recommendation from a report I wrote on our website statistics. Great right? Yes, completely. I was flattered and very excited. However, the presentation was scheduled for today at 2pm which left me one hour last night, and an intense morning of tunnel vision to do additional research, create a presentation&proposal, and run through it all so I could pull it off.

Where am I going with this?? One, this brought me back to university days when my base level of stress rested at about 9 (out 10, rather than my current 7 or 7.5) and how much I enjoyed my addiction to stress-induced adrenaline (not a pretty sight). And two, this presentation is why I finally broke out the heels again; ahhh, gone are the lazy days of mid-winter.

James Perse shirt, Esprit skirt, Hue tights, Franco Sarto pumps

I'm not sure why I rarely wear this skirt, although it could be because it's brown and I tend to gravitate towards the black and grey side of neutrals. In any case, it was a great buy 4(?) years ago and my fear of it has allowed it to stand the test of time and moth balls. I love the lace detailing of the slip and how it peeks out slightly, leading me to include a giant photo of it so you too could love it. This shirt was another Boulder-buy which is why I was able to justify buying it in the first place and why wearing it results in a trip down memory lane and an all around great day - perfect for a last minute presentation. Initially I had wanted to wear my brown, Jones of New York, pointy heels but did not think they worked in the end, like I said, I'm scared of brown.

My game face, pretty un-fearful - although it doesn't have the same effect when it is bright red...


  1. So, your game face? STUNNING. I'm going to have to try to draw a monkey version of that b/c it's fiercer than fierce.

    And actually this skirt looks grey on my screen! So be afraid no more :)

  2. Such a wonderful compliment, thank you! I was worriedmy game face came off more intimidating than stunning. I had begun to practice my game face so I could steal some bikes from the kids down my block.

  3. i love the lace peeking out from the bottom of the skirt!

    i'm also glad to hear you're going to be doing the 30 for 30 again!! can't wait to see what you put together. xo


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