Sunday, January 2

Curly Ambitions

I got Easy A for Christmas. Actually, I got to open it Christmas Eve day. Jack and I had the afternoon off on Christmas Eve and I was being picky about which movie I wanted to watch when he suggested we exchange one small gift each. I'd already seen the movie and had informed Jack that once it was on video he would be required to watch it with me. You may be wondering why am I divulging these embarrassing tid-bits and rehashing my silly love of teen girl drama... I promise it is relevant; possibly unnecessary, but relevant none-the-less. 

Ever since watching Easy A for the second (or was it the third?) time, I have been jonesing for Emma Stone's effortlessly curly, wavy hair. This, combined with a hautemess' post about Blo and Jen&Karen's hair maintenance tips, have inspired me to try and achieve her hair while taking better care of mine. And so, as yesterday was "Day 2" I curled my hair and wore it down, unfortunately our day was packed and there was no time for photos. I will say that I did not achieve the curls I wanted, but I am a little closer to figuring them out.  

Banana Republic shirt, Rich&Skinny jeans, Steve Madden boots

Although I did not capture Day 2 and it's respective outfit I did manage to snap a few today of "Day 3"; curls, tied into a pony - chic or soft. I think the hair set the tone for the rest of the pieces I chose resulting in a soft, romantic and slightly country-style ensemble. 

I bought this shirt from a Banana Republic outlet in Colorado about 3 years ago. It's one of those pieces that I have always loved but worn gently. I find I need to be in a certain mood to wear it. I also haven't figured out what to mix it with besides a great pair of skinny jeans. I've tried it with my pencil skirt and a burgundy pair of shorts and the results were mediocre in both cases. Any ideas? 


  1. Such a simple but cute outfit! I love that shirt and your "Emma Stone" curls.

  2. love the shirt! maybe try it with khaki (or tan or light brown) pants or long skirt sometime? (I say a long skirt, because the shirt has a romantic quality to it. Probably the long skirt would work better in the summer.

    Happy New Year and Peace on Earth!

  3. Yeah, I would probably pair it with a pencil skirt or jeans... so no help there.

    I think it's really cute like this though! No need to fix it if it ain't broke. :)

    Is Easy A a good movie? I had never heard of it until I saw a preview the other day and really want to watch it. I'm a sucker for high school teen dramas lol. :)

  4. This may be a good time for a maxi skirt. I'd also recommend it with a wide leg, or trouser style jean to balance the shape (i too own this shirt...somehow we have the same wardrobe) I'd also recommend easing the shirt up with some ripped boyfriend jeans, cuffed of course.
    Also a mini with opaque tights for dressier occasions.

  5. I would love to feature you on my blog!! I am at, you can email me at if you're interested in being featured!

  6. That shirt is really pretty! My first instinct would be to tuck it into a pencil skirt, but maybe a wider-leg jean or dress pant would be good too to balance the shape.


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