Friday, January 28

Friend Friday: Blogger Mechanics

This is my first week participating in the Friend Friday questions and I think this is a great set to come in on. Since we're all friends now, here is a picture of Jack and I and how we look once work is over and we're home for the night, pretty fancy, huh? This was during Movember, ergo Jack's moustache.

1. What technology do you use in blogging? I use, or should I say – Jack uses, a borrowed Olympus E410 to take the majority of the pictures you see on my blog. A few are taken with my point-and-click Sony Cybershot, which is an amazing small camera to have; the colour saturation is intense, it takes 10.2 Mega Pixel pics and has touch screen. Since I have the aid of my ever-patient, boyfriend, I do not have to worry about tripods, timers or remotes. We do have a tripod, but that only comes out when we’re trying to catch a few duo photos. Once I’ve got my pictures I load them onto my mac and into my iPhotoLibrary.
2. What computer and online technology do you use? As I mentioned, I use a mac. I bought it when I graduated from University with my tax refund and fear the day it will die. I use my iPhoto for storage though although I’m not sure if it's rough on the memory. I’ve been considering moving them to an external drive – please let me know if you think I should!  As for editing, if I did it I would likely use Photoshop. In the past I have increased the brightness in a few photos, because the picture was too dark to see my outfit, using the tools in iPhoto. I’ve considered editing my photos more extensively on certain occaisions but I’m uncomfortable with getting into the habit of fixing imperfections – there’s enough of that in the magazines.
My blog is hosted by blogger. I hadn’t really done much research before I dove in and created it so I’m unsure of the benefits of other hosts, like tumblr and wordpress. I do know that all the wordpress layouts I’ve seen are incredibly nice and that definitely piques my interest.
3. What is your process for taking pictures? First, I check if Jack is in the mood to take photos, because if either one of us isn’t the photos don’t turn out well. Then depending on the weather, or time of day, we decide whether to shoot indoors, or go out. He plays around with the focus and light while I try to shake my awkwardness, and then the photos begin. I begin with a few fall back poses to get comfortable, then try a few I’ve seen on other blogs, and then I usually go back to my tried and true. Sometimes I let Jack direct me, and the photos will turn out really nice but since I’m troublesome and bossy, the process isn't so fun.
Once I have the photos I load my photos into my iPhoto Library. I go through and drop the ones I like best onto my desktop. I then go through that pile until I have my top 5 or 6, this is followed by cropping and layout. I began layout as part of the 30for30 to showcase the accessories but haven’t been able to shake it. Once in a while I’ll throw an un-cropped photos up.
4. When it comes to backdrops for your photos what do you consider? Do you scout locations or shoot the same spot daily? Light is a big factor. Although our apartment has big windows and a lot of natural light, the light doesn’t translate in the photos. We’ll often go into the stairwell and take photos when it’s too cold, too rainy or I’m too shy. It’s a great place because the brick and the concrete add a little je ne said quoi. At first I didn’t enjoy shooting outside because people could see me, but now I’m getting braver. Scouting locations usually happens by accident. We'll go to an old favourite but it will be crawling with people, I'll get awfully bashful and ask Jack to drive on until we find somewhere that is abandoned. I’m pretty sure it’s annoying cute.
5.  If you could splurge and get one new piece of equipment what would you be buying? I'm happy with what we've got in terms of shooting and software. Really, I would splurge on a new mac to pre-empt the death of this one.


  1. People outside are the main discomfort hehe! I'm always on the lookout for passers by so that I quickly pretend I'm doing something else! x

  2. Welcome to FBFF!! So glad you decided to join the group of answering bloggers. - Katy


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