Sunday, January 23

Eating In

Last night Jack and I decided to get back to one of our favourite pass-times, creating amazing food for no reason. We had begun to shy away from overly difficult dishes as a result of a failed attempt at ravioli and a difficult cannelloni conundrum - cheese vs tomato sauce. In both cases the food was edible, and even tasty, but certainly not worth the time or effort put in.

This time Jack got to choose our main and, boy that he is, he chose steak. I suppose I can't blame him considering I'm not the biggest fan of meat leading to generally meatless meals. Steak is pretty straightforward and we could have gone basic, but we wanted more. We searched French Food at Home for anything that may strike our fancy and came across a recipe for Goat Cheese Potato Cake and Tenderloin, which incidentally is a food network recipe rather than a French Food at Home recipe - I got confused while searching. From reading the recipe one would assume the star of this meal is the potato cake, this would be wrong. While the potato cake is delicious and can be eaten for any meal of the day, the star is the sauce made for the tenderloin. This sauce was so simple and so delicious I don't think I will ever be able to eat steak without again. ever. It had such a round, sweet, rich taste which made our steak seem as if it had been served to us from one of our casual fine-dining favourites. What made the potato cakes amazing was although the goat cheese was subtle, it could be tasted throughout the entire cake. love.

The dinner was so delicious, we altered the recipe to create a Coastal Cafe-esq breakfast. Tonight, we will attempt french onion soup. I am excited.

Egg, Potato Cake, "au jus", Goat Cheese and Parsley

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