Wednesday, January 12

Design Pause: Honeysuckle is where it's at

I took some outfit photos today. While I'm excited to post them and talk "mixing patterns", in the small way that I did, I'm going to hold off a day for a brief design pause. Today's word of the day was "inspiration", which is fitting since I have a few ads to design and some side projects which require me to be on the ball this week. 

The inspiration began this morning while I was sourcing photos and stumbled upon this article. Now I don't know about you, but I think a great new shade is just the bees knees - and I'm not even imagining said shade on a fantastic pair of jeans great for my weekend wardrobe. No, even more than loving colour on clothing, it is incorporating colour into design - brochures, websites, logos, ads - that gets my heart racing. What made this honeysuckle find even more exciting is that I tend to turn on pink, as in I'll throw the in accent and scrap it within 10 minutes, never to reconsider. However, with this shade, I have gone all day and I'm still in love. There is a warmth and maturity in this colour that makes it so much more than merely another girlie pink. I might go so far as to say the colour reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn, as in if Audrey Hepburn were a pink she would be this exact shade. I even changed my link and post colours in honour of me finally finding a pink worth loving. hurrah!

Courtesy of
A few of my favourites from what I've seen so far

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