Saturday, January 22

Curly locks

Today I attempted a pre- 30for30 trip to the mall and found that my aversion to thrifting had spread to malling. That's malling, as in shopping at a mall, not mauling - I'm still good with mauling. To expand on my aversion to thrifting, it does not stem from an idea that second-hand clothes are icky rather it is a symptom of the stress I feel when walking into a poorly organized store with piles of clothes displayed everywhere. This is the same feeling I get upon entering an Old Navy, Forever21, or H&M; pure chaos. I even made sure to go to the mall before noon to avoid the real insanity but still found myself disoriented and frazzled upon entering. I just feel completely overwhelmed by the whole experience; there are so many options and so many things that may be perfect for me and it's up to me to suss them out and make sure I'm getting the best deal possible. This bewilderment often leads to impulse buys followed by regret - never good. I think from now on I'll keep it to the local boutiques I know and love, although this is all quite moot for the time being considering 30for30 begins in just over a week and I've spent January's budget.

MEXX cardigan, loveholic dress, American Apparel "slip", American Apparel belt, American Apparel leggings, Hue socks, Steve Madden boots

This dress is so comfortable, pair it with leggings and a super soft cardigan and I get to feel like I'm in my jams all day long - it's amazing. I lent it to my sister a while back and finally repossessed it this past Christmas. It's an oldie, so it's been around the block a bit and is no longer something I'd consider for work but it is a great dress for the weekend and errands. This brown belt is a new buy, something I hemmed and hawed over deciding whether it was worthy of my January budget. The style of the belt is that it's supposed to be worn high but I wanted the option of wearing it low and tucking it so I went with a large. So far, so good although I may get two more holes punched in. I think the belt added a little something that made the outfit look cleaner, more pulled-together.

I finally managed to get back around to curling my hair, and by that I mean I woke up early (not too early) so I could do it. I owe that much to Kristen, who offered me awesome pointers, took the time to share some of her secrets and send me a video. Honestly,Kristen is honestly,great. I'm hilarious. I bet no one's ever put that beaut together before. It went well, although I definitely favoured one side of my head over the other. I also realized I may have to invest in a curling iron because I think my flat iron is too thin to give my the big, loose curls I'm after.


  1. Yay! you're doing the 30 for 30 again! :)

    And your hair looks awesome curled! Kristen is honestly great. hehe. And I love the brown belt. I never thought I needed a brown belt until I bought one and wore it with every.single.outfit.

    And I totally love your dress/cardigan combination. What's an American Apparel "slip"? I have a bunch of jersey dresses that cling to my tights and I'm trying to find a solution. All the real slips I find at the stores are too long :(

  2. Oohh yes, the curly hair post! I've been waiting for this. :)

    You look fantastic - great job on the hair! I'm like a proud mama right now.

  3. IF your weather is anything like ours, I feel you should really adapt what you are wearing.

  4. Oh my gosh! You're like a different person! Seriously, at first I thought you had a guest poster! Its exceptionally pretty.

  5. I'm really digging your boots. Such a great caramel colour.

    xo Niki
    A Haute Mess

    ps. I'm hosting a giveaway right to win 2 Essie nail polishes. All you have to do to enter is visit A Haute Mess on Facebook and write what your favourite colours are on the wall :)


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