Wednesday, January 5

All the Pretty Colours!

Hi, my name is Sorren and I am a nail biter. It was been two weeks since my last nip but 3 years since I last hid my nails in shame. All in all, I have been recovering quite successfully.
As long as I can remember, I have bit my nails. I’m not sure why I began. I do know my mom decided against slapping my hands for fear of scarring me, and so it continued. It continued for 23 years and developed into quite the habit, one I could not break with Tabasco sauce, nail strengthener, shame, fake nails or $ incentives; I would just keep on biting.
Finally, during the spring of 2007, I had a break-through. I fell in love with Vendetta, a dark purple Chanel nail polish in the prettiest square bottle I’d ever seen. I had begun to like the look of black on stubby nails but was a little intimidated by the statement it made. This purple was the perfect balance of dark enough to create the effect but not so dark as to frighten me off. Its price tag also pushed commitment, at 28$ a bottle I had to be sure I was ready for this.
I now love nail polish. It is my new addiction; a mission to find the perfect colour. I often enjoy simple outfits that use various shades of black, white and neutral so my nail polish is a great way to throw in an accent colour.

You Don’t Know Jacques! has been a favourite of mine since last Christmas when I stumbled upon its mention on a haute mess. I don’t know what more to say about it than it is all kinds of perfect. I was recommended Over the Taupe, which is nice but is too similar to YDKJ!, I don’t think I will purchase it again. After YDKJ! I usually defer to some kind of purple. I have used Lincoln Park after DarkSiberian Nights and most recently, William Tell Me About OPI. Of these SN and WTMAO are still in rotation and SN would be my preferred shade of the two, although my bottle is older and therefore gets less play because of its clumpiness. Ski Teal We Drop was another shade I discovered on a haute mess and I think it is one that will remain in my rotation until they discontinue it, which I’m hoping is never. I was super excited to stumble upon Just a Little Rosti at This pre-Christmas, as I had been searching for the perfect red, a colour that scares me to no end. One reason I like this shade of red so much is that its tone is the same tone found in YDKJ! and WTMAO which makes sense since they are all from the Swiss collection. Finally, included in the above picture is Chocolate Moose; my attempt at being daring and a failure in my search for a bold, new twist, at a dusty rose. It is a decent enough colour, just not one that I particularly enjoy on my fingers. Lucky for me it is a great toe polish with its neutral nature being a great colour addition even in a peep toe. 

P.S. In case you were wondering I am all about OPI.

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