Tuesday, December 14

What's a girl to do?

Not going to lie - I'm a bit of a crank today. I didn't mean to wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning but I rolled over, opened my eyes and there it was. 

So what is a grumpy girl to do to combat the blues? Well, shopping it out. So is calling in sick and crawling back under the covers. My answer: tuttle. obviously. You've all seen this one before. Same basic idea with a new twist slash switch up the cardigan, boots and tights. I also added this jacket but only wore it for half the day.

Please excuse some of the photos, they are slightly hilarious. Halifax had an intense wind warning and on-and-off rain all day. I was trying to be brave; take advantage of a semi-warm day and a break in the rain. Surprisingly - great for my mood. Not surprisingly - horrible for my hair.

Halogen jacket, mac&jac cardigan, tuttle dress, Club Monaco belt, Hue tights, Steve Madden boots

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