Wednesday, December 8


As in double. Double whammy. I did it again folks. Two outfits, one day. 

Today rather than coming home, changing into sweats making dinner and settling in for the night I had a friend-date to try on bridesmaid dresses (yes you, miss mary townsend!). To be honest I contemplated wearing my sweats to the bridal gown store but realized that would likely be frowned upon and my friend-date, Lorrie, agreed. So what's a girl to do?? Certainly she cannot get back into her office wear, she's already shed those 9-5 clothes and refuses to look back. The answer was another 30 for 30 Remix outfit which was fine with me. 

Tulle oxford shirt, BCBG skirt, Club Monaco belt, Silks tights and Franco Sarto pumps
Today was another new one for me, I love when I discover a new combination of some old favourites. I've been wanting to figure out a way to work my oxford into work wardrobe and I think I just may have it! I love how the shirt is casual a loose and how the skirt brings it in and cleans it up. I felt very brave pairing my checkered tights with this outfit because technically I mixed patterns - which is something I have never done, at least not knowingly. It's something I admire so much in other people, I just have yet to figure it out for myself. So I began with baby steps. You may not be able to tell buy my oxford has pin stripe pattern; pin stripes and checkers = mixing patterns! 

For this evening's outfit I threw together some layering magic to ensure I was toasty while out in the stark cold evening. Once again this is a new mix of items, one I've never attempted before. At times the outfit felt a little bulky but it's to be expected when you have a long sleeve layered under a three quarter sleeved coat with puffy shoulders.

Halogen jacket, tuttle&leonardo shirt, Rick&Skinny jeans, Steve Madden boots.
Please forgive the low-res photos. Since it's night the lighting was not ideal for clothing photos so I have to lighten the three images on the right so you could see the layering properly. The two photos on the left haven't been changed. I wanted to include both so you could see the combo while getting a better idea of how the colours work together at their richest tones.

Bulky or not, I found this pairing of items fun, comfortable and most importantly, warm. I am planning on using this one again and possibly pairing the top half with a black skirt to make it office friendly. 

Side note: The necklace from yesterday's outfit was from the now defunct Peep Show. It is made of painted wooden beads and I am considering trying to recreate it in new colours.

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