Wednesday, December 1

Wednesday Peaches

Wednesday Peaches is an actual thing, I'm not just throwing a bunch of nonsense words together, although you may not know that if you didn’t grow up in my house. In case you're trying to guess, good guess but it is not that we were given peaches on Wednesday. It was the nickname my mom gave me when I was little; I don’t know where it came from. It’s possible it was because I was born on a Wednesday and my head was shaped like a peach or just my mom likes combining words that sound nice together …either way it works as a title and my weekday-title-naming-streak continues!
MEXX cardigan, tuttle dress (a la Sweet Pea), Hue tights, Steve Madden booties

I had some difficulty deciding whether to go with the purple tights or some grey tights, the booties vs the black boots or the cardigan vs my boyfriend blazer. After putting Jack through some grueling “which is better” this is what I got, and what I got is either the best combination of items or an outfit courtesy of Jack tiring of the game. I can’t blame him though considering he was woken up 10 minutes prior and had yet to drink his coffee. 
Rather than the bf blazer I went with the cardigan-dress combo sans belt creating a relaxed look that is still office-appropriate as a result of inherent elegance of the dress.  I think it’s funny that I did not include a belt after yesterday’s rant however I’m happy to prove that not only can a cardigan-dress combo can work without a belt but the absence of the belt creates a completely different feel. I opted for the booties rather than the boots because I realized with 15 more outfits to go I’ll want to wear this dress again and it may just fall on a weekend. The purple tights also tipped my decision towards today’s combination of pieces. I purchased these tights last year from Sock it to Ya and although I love the idea of them (I have been crushing on light mustard yellow tights for a while now too) I rarely know what to do with them. 


  1. I love this outfit and adore this dress.
    Sorren I defer to you...I leave for NYC tomorrow night after work, and come home sunday...I need three new york outfits...I'm assuming i'll go to my standbys of skinny jeans and you have any recommendations? is NYC the place to rock my maxi skirt? do i bring dark wash skinnies or worn and torn skinnies? (NYC activities include shopping, oyster bar, karaoke and korean bbq)

  2. As an over-packer I'm worried my advice may not help. I would bring both dark (oyster bar/shopping) and torn (karaoke/korean bbq) and I would also bring the maxi in hopes of being brave, and weather cooperating. I think if you're trying to pack light it's best to bring favourite outfits and things you're comfortable wearing, however there's something liberating about visiting a place that allows me to try things I normally wouldn't at home. …I think you should totally bring the maxi, paired with the right pieces it could work for any, or all of your activities. Make it's part of a solid outfit though or you may be frustrated.

  3. hahaha thank you! maxi, torn and skinnies all packed up! I'm taking a break for the great sweater debate...thick wool cardigan, or wool cowl neck sweater...i think i'll go with would all fit if the boys hadn't decided on a game of street go the yoga pants and thermal tops.


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