Monday, December 13

We were on a break...

Sorry about my sudden disappearance; my weekend was a lot busier than I had anticipated. Don't worry though because I have vowed to get caught up and blogged up by tomorrow at the latest.

Saturday night we had a Christmas party. It was lovely. Lots of friends, some family, too much food, a few too many spirits and therefore, some trouble. The evening started out rocky when we had an argument. I had had enough. It's not that I wasn't committed; it was just that the evening was special and I wanted something new. Against my better judgement, I cheated. It's not that I don't love my 30 items or value the amazing experiences we've had these past 26 days, I was just drunk off excitement and Christmas spirit. My vision was cloudy and my morals, lax. Before I knew it I has wandered into the forbidden section of my closet and had thrown myself into a luscious dress I bought last year. A dress that I had worn once, flirted with often and eventually forgot. I know I should have been stronger and not given in on a whim, but the temptation was too great; the fabric so soft and new. I regretted it immediately and the next morning my remix and I had a good chat and decided to finish what we started.

Monoreno dress, American Apparel faux leather leggings, Franco Sarto shoes
Quick note: dress obviously from Sweet Pea. Did I even need to say it? This store is my go-to for a reason.

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