Monday, December 6

A victim of the weather

Mondays were made for t-shirts, or perhaps t-shirts were made for Mondays; either way the two of them are definitely besties. In fact, this tee is the only item that was carried over from the outfit I had initially planned to wear today. As per usual Halifax's rainy, windy weather threw a wrench into my wardrobe. Some slacks can hold up in the rain, the ones I had my eye on get wet, and then they get wrinkled. Instead I opted for tights; easily soaked but quick to dry and no one's the wiser. Fresh off my purple-tight success I decided it was time to pull out the burgundy, a colour suspiciously similar to my "Just a Little Rosti" polish which sadly did not make it to Monday. I'm still slightly wistful at the thought of having chosen a pair of patterned tights instead however my outfit was seriously lacking some colour and I think the tights helped shake the monochrome.

Valerie Dumaine cardigan, Black tee, Club Monaco skirt, Club Monaco belt, Hue tights, Franco Sarto pumps

I bought this cardigan two years ago during one of the only boxing day sales I've been fortunate enough to make it to. I had been stalking this cardigan for months leading up to the purchase, never sure if I could make the style my own. As I walked into Biscuit I was sure that it would be gone and I would end up flitting around until I found something suitable to make up for the loss. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surpirsed. I love all the subtle ways it is detailed. The slight ruffle and puff on the shoulders. The seam on the top part of the bust and the lace detailed above that seam. The black ribbing on the wrists of the sleeve and down the buttons. It's all so very feminine and soft. It's also very warm and cozy making it the perfect addition to fight off Halifax's crummy weather. I saved this cardigan day after day of the challenge knowing there would be a day that would call for its rescue, my only regret is I didn't get to call on it more often.

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