Thursday, December 23

Tweed and Ribbon

The countdown is on! Yes, I realize it may be a little late to begin a countdown 3 days before the big day however tonight I watched Love Actually and wrapped Christmas presents and it's all beginning to sink in. Then, even though we will be hauling all the presents from house to house in 2 days time, I placed them under my tree and boy does it look festive. Christmas trees just look so much better with piles of presents at the base.
tuttle frock, mac&jac cardigan, hue tights, franco sarto pumps

So this is the newest addition to my closet and my tuttle collection. As with all my other tuttle dresses, this dress came from the Sweet Pea Collection and is more than I could ever imagine! While it is the same cut as the jazzy blue number I always rave about, this piece is slightly longer and therefore work appropriate! Huzzah! The fabric is also a nice thick tweed which makes it great for the winter. When I first saw this dress I grabbed it off the rack so forcefully that when I was pleasantly surprised when the display did not crash at my feet. I'm sure the ever-prepared Joey foresaw this type of situation and reinforced the shelving before Christmas shopping.
 This dress was meant for me. The tweed; gorgeous, warm and classic. The grey; my favourite colour - this blog was almost named grey noise. Clever, i know, unfortunately it was already taken. The detailing, oh the detailing; gentle and modern, subtle yet bold, effortless. You may not believe me but I didn't even notice the matte design throughout the tweed at first. I love how I can be so oblivious sometimes because it makes discovering these 'extra' things so much more wonderful! Get ready to see this one on repeat.


  1. I love that dress! So perfect for the office and so cute. I've never heard of tuttle but I need to check them out ASAP.

  2. I think the detailing on that dress is just DIVINE. Somehow I feel blah in black + grey but you look ridiculously chic in this. The secret's in the hair, isn't it!

  3. i just love that dress! and the embellished cardi isn't too bad, either! happy holidays to youuu, dear sorren!


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