Thursday, December 9

Tree Story

We had to give up our real tree. It was a sad day. We didn't want to just throw him on the side of the road like he had never mattered; never meant anything to us. It would have been depressing to watch him outside in the wind and the rain while we sit inside with a hole in our hearts and our livingroom, a hole where this tree used to be. A tree sized hole. Instead we made sure that he got a good home. Called around. Jack's sister, Ruby said she'd take him off our hands - take good care of him. She's going to put him up and decorate him. Turn off his Christmas lights each night before bed so he knows someone still cares. We were told we can visit him on weekends and even Christmas day- we haven't been able to see him yet, he needs time to adjust.

We have a new, fake, tree now. We try to act as though no tree came before it, as though no all-encompassing emptiness exists within our household, as though nothing is missing. We took it out of its box and stacked it, carefully spreading its tips by threes and then fanning out the rest. We tell it that it's a good tree, and try not to remember how the he smelt as we smile at it reassuringly. How he soaked up water and light, so full of life and promise. 

This weekend we're going to decorate our tree; show it how wonderful it is, how wonderful it can be, how much it means to us. Then we'll sit back, turn on its lights and think of what's to come, allowing the memories of a different time drift away, ever so slightly.


  1. hahah aww. i'm sure your previous tree bears you no ill will from his new home. how is it that you still look chic while putting a tree up?

  2. you are too kind! I definitely did not feel very chic after all the scratches I got from putting up the fake tree but I'm glad to know the comfy clothes are working!


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