Friday, December 10

The time has come

Today I finally wore my favourite dress. I have been saving it since the very beginning of the remix challenge and was beginning to worry that it may get skipped completely. I was worried that I had waited too long to throw it in and the time had passed; there were no more dinners or weekend events left to fit it in. I had finally resolved to wear it tomorrow during that day but knew that wasn't practical just because I have too many errands and chores, most involve cleaning or moving. I had never considered wearing it to work because it is quite short but then I realized, it's winter! This realization that it's winter is not usually accompanied by an exclamation point. I severely dislike winter. I do not enjoy being cold, having my face become blotchy the minute I leave my apartment or salt ruining my footwear. However, in this case winter is a wonderful thing. Winter means tights. Nice thick tights that make short dresses seem not so short. It also helped that I only had a half day of work today so I knew if I felt inappropriately dressed I would have an escape. As soon as I got to work I conferred with my friend, Jenny, and we agreed that the tights, boots and cardigan toned it down enough to make it work friendly. Phew.

MEXX cardigan, tuttle dress, Hue tights x2, Steve Madden boots.
Obviously my favourite dress is by my favourite dress designer - the wonderful Katrina Tuttle, and from my favourite dress store - the ever impressive Sweet Pea. I know I've said in the past I'm afraid of patterns and I always thought I was, that is until this challenge. This challenge has really showed me that although I may have previously been afraid of patterns I have recently become quite comfortable with them. The pattern on this dress is by far the best pattern I have ever seen. I love how it seems very geometric and modern yet also looks like a water colour painting. The colours are all amazing and they all look fantastic together. When I first bought it I was wary of how bold it was and how much attention it may draw to me while walking around in it during the day {Halifax tends to lean more casual often than not}. Since I was so smitten with the dress I very quickly got over this shyness, paired it with some grey converse and took it out the farmers' market and we've been inseparable ever since. Have I adequately expressed my love?? 

You may have noticed I put hue tights x2. That's because I layered a grey pair of tights underneath my purple tights to create a darker purple. I felt the lighter purple was a little washed out and wanted a darker more opaque tight. Since shopping is currently frowned upon I doubled up.

I think I mentioned I got my haircut last Saturday. Well my bangs have grown slightly and are past the awkward just-cut phase so I chose a few photos that highlighted an old favourite and my winter must-have; blunt bangs. I call them a winter must-have because summer is hot so blunt bangs become crusty bangs. Looks like you've got another check in your 'pro' column winter... just you wait, you haven't won yet.


  1. My boyfriend said that the dress looks like a cityscape and i agree...i also agree with you that it's fabulous.

  2. it does, and you guys are right; it embodies everything that I love visually about a city! I had never thought about that before but I've always been kind of obsessed with city lights at night and you randomly and accurately described why i love this dress so much!

  3. Thank you so so much for the advice on my blog! It was very helpful! :) Keep up the great work!


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