Friday, December 3

Thursday is the best day!

I woke up today singing Florence and the machines. I have listened to Of Montreal, Arcade Fire and Sleigh Bells yet the song plays on. Now I am playing detective; trying to find the source.  Why was the song even in my head this morning when I woke up? Was it because of the youtube video I watched with the baby that goes nuts for the song? Or was it when it was performed two nights ago on Glee? Unfortunately I do not have this song on my iphone, I just never got around to getting it which is strange considering I drop everything when it comes on so I can have a 4minute and 10 second dance party. Around noon this morning I decided it didn’t matter; that, as a result of this song being in my head, my day was exceptionally great.

Vero Moda dress, Kersh Cardigan, Hue tights, Steve Madden booties, necklace from Sock It To Ya

This dress is a staple in my life. I think I have expressed this once before and I stand by the sentiment now. I was able to wear this outfit throughout my 8:30 - 5 workday and then out to dinner and drinks afterwards with a group of my women colleagues. As a lover of clothes and a girl who wants to complete the challenge before holiday parties begin, I was hoping for an outfit change between work and dinner but was pleased to be able to wear this and feel comfortable in a different setting. Once again I have offered up the question: Did I choose the right shoes? I went with the black booties, a practical choice forces by the rain; however, was it the right choice fashion-wise or should I have chosen the pumps? 

I feel as though I over-killed on the outfit photos though. The outfit is fairly simple; not too many pieces and so not too many angles needed to get the feel of it. However, while choosing which images to use in this post, I accidentally placed the photos in a way which inspired my layout. Once I was hooked on the layout I decided it didn't matter if I was being repetitious, I needed to pull it off and 6 large blocks with 2 thin blocks would do so. This may sound a little OCD but I'm sure some of you may understand...

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