Tuesday, December 14

Those were the days

I'll admit it; I get a little jealous. I see so many 30 for 30 blogs filled with tons of cute, fun outfits and I yearn for the days when I was still a student and the only dress pants I owned were for my business presentations. Those were the days, I miss my daily dose of jeans. Today is my second-last remix outfit and I am trying to plot a big finale. It was during my scheming that I had my bout of nostalgia when I realized I still had a few greats up my sleeve but they all incorporated jeans - ha-rumph. Technically my work doesn't have a dress code so I think I could wear jeans tomorrow but I need to stay far far away from those flood gates.

Halogen jackets, 'a' shirt, Club Monaco skirt, Club Monaco belt, Calvin Klein tights, Franco Sarto pumps
This was another first for me. Although I had paired the shirt with the skirt before, I had always worn the shirt untucked. Tucking the shirt into the skirt and pairing it with the belt really cleaned up the look. I really enjoy how the bagginess of the skirt contrasts with how fitted the skirt is. I still can't decide if the pattern of the tights conflicts with the pattern of the shirt but the tights were subtle so I think I got away with it. I have to admit that I still get stumped with the neck of the shirt; i don't know which way to flop it. Today I tried to think of it as a scarf instead; it helped a little. 

Here's hoping I can work some magic for tomorrow - I may just plan ahead rather than groping around my closet in a rush tomorrow morning.


  1. This outfit is amazing. It combines two of my favorite things: high waisted skirts & cowl necks. You look fabulous.

  2. I won't lie. I'm sad to see tomorrow...i've really enjoyed this blog, I've used it for inspiration when i don't know what to wear (we surprisingly own many of the same clothes)...and now after tomorrow, where will i go for fashion advice and inspiration? I mean SURE I could take on this challenge myself, but it's so much easier this way...
    also I'm really excited for you to go shopping again...30 days without shopping would be the true challenge...

  3. sorren, your work clothes always look SO cute! i love that purple jacket. you look so classically chic all the time. loveee.


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