Wednesday, December 15

This is it

I first came across Kendi's blog a week or two prior to this remix challenge. I loved her look, style and challenge proposition but was confused about how it could work for me, a girl with no blog. I had been toying with the idea the idea of a blog on and off in months past but could never nail down a topic. Of course, I loved a number of personal style blogs, borrowing inspiration from many a posts, I just felt as though I was not as experienced fashion-wise as the rest and therefore had no place displaying my attempts as advice.

Why I remix
A week into the challenge, I finally decided  - on a whim - to join in. I remixed because I wanted to discover more about my closet, more about blogging and more about myself; whether I could handle these restrictions or if I would crack. I also love a great challenge and the idea of limiting myself was exciting. Limitations... exciting? Yes, they are. Limitations are exciting because once you enter the real world with bills, debt and 9 - 5 jobs that don't cover everything you'd like them to, the fun of shopping can become less care-free and a little more worrisome. I remixed because I realized that learning to mix and match my current items - especially a small portion of them would make me feel clever and remind me that I have a whole side of my closet that had yet to be discovered.

What I learnt
Remixing has taught me a lot of things about my closet, blogging and myself, but I will stick to only telling you 5.

  1. I was right. I do feel clever and see my closet in a new light. My move now is to push myself out of my newly established comfort zone and new go-to outfits and begin incorporating other forgotten gems.
  2. My style is something worth showcasing. Everyones support has been so overwhelming and encouraging. I love finding people who share my style and others who challenge it, provoking me to try something new; something bold. I love knowing that I have inspired someone in the same way I have been inspired - past and present.
  3. I can get over my  camera-shy tendencies and begin to have some fun having my picture taken; even to the point where I am excited for my next outfit post... and believe me, there will be more! I owe a lot of this to my wonderful boyfriend, Jack, who makes the photo shoots so much fun and gets me to try something other than looking at my feet.
  4. I LOVE tall socks peeking out the top of boots! I seriously cannot wait to try this. I know I am late to this trend but I am often late to trends so I'm used it. I just hope that I have not missed the season... too much snow means salted streets which means I live in my tretorns.
  5. I need to learn how to style my hair in a new way. Straight hair and bangs are great and I enjoy them, but I need to mix it up once in a while.

Kersh cardigan, Kensie blouse, BCBG skirt, H&M belt, Hue tights, Steve Madden boots
For my last outfit, I decided to try something new. Not only have I not paired these items together before, I have never combined grey and brown before! I had used all my great go-tos so I figured the only way to go out with a small scale blast would be to push my boundaries and try to create a new gem. I was little wary that the length of the skirt would clash with the height of my boots but I received quite a few compliments at work today which put my mind at ease.

I'm a little worried about tomorrow. I'm a little overwhelmed by the looming freedom to roam my closet as I so choose. I suppose we'll just have to wait and see how it will work out!


  1. This is a great last outfit, it highlights all the best features of the previous ones, and really seems to sum up your challenge. Perfection Sorren :-)

  2. i love that red cardigan! and i love the gray and brown together!

    also this reminded me that you asked me once where i get my tall socks: i have two pairs, one from target and one from forever21. i like the f21 ones better, although i'm sure they're worse quality and will die soon. but anyway, just make sure the label says "over the knee" socks instead of just "knee socks" and you should be golden!

  3. Love your style! - elegantly simple
    (something I'm still working towards)

  4. First of all, if I had your hair I would style it that way every single day. Period. It looks INCREDIBLE. Secondly, congrats on reaching the end! Feels good, right?! THIRD: I love this outfit! Tomato red + white/black/brown is fantastic. And I don't understand how that belt clasps but I don't have to to adore it.


  5. i love remixes and you look great!!:D


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