Tuesday, December 7

Seven Secrets

I got tagged by Rose of Lovely Ladypants McGee to expose seven secrets about myself and then tag seven others to do the same. I'm pretty new to the blogging world so I don't know if how great I will be at this but let's see how it goes!

1) I am very camera shy and have been modest and humble in front of the camera for the better part of my life. Usually, if you put a camera on me you can be sure that I will begin to smile awkwardly, push my chin into my neck, talk, blink, fall; basically acy a mess and ruin a picture. This challenge has really pushed me to become more comfortable in front of the camera - although I still am at my most comfortable when posing while looking at the ground {fear of my soul being stolen and all}. I am even beginning to have some fun in front the camera, you may have seen me jumping in my one of my last posts. This fun may come from the fact that Jack, my boyfriend, has been a great sport and my photographer for this journey. He began it as a favour but has realized it can help strengthen his photography skills so now he has a vested interest too. Since he's been doing so much for me now I have to be a good sport and start to try a little harder for him.

2) I have many guilty pleasures and they all include the CW. I don't know what it is, no matter how the years may pass I still love teen girl drama. I'm not talking about high school fights among friends, I'm talking about Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, 90210, Hellcats… did I miss anything? I also love Hillary Duff movies, anything with Amanda Bynes and now movies starring Emma Stone. I never had a drama filled high-school existence and maybe it's why I adore this genre so much now. Seriously, don't judge me. I swear I'm a good person.

 3) I love documentaries and tv shows about drugs, gangs, rap (and that is not a typo, I mean rap, as in Biggy) and murder. I'm not sure when this began. I think it dates back to a morning when I was 21 or 22 and a little hungover. There was a documentary was on MuchMusic about Biggy Smalls and Suge Knight. Obviously most people are aware of the situation, however having grown up on NOFX, Sublime, S Club 7 and the Backstreet {I have a complicated palette} rather than rap and R&B, I was not one of these people. Since then my tastes have been refined and I will not fall over myself for just any drug and gang filled entertainment that comes my way. Now I opt for the better options like the Corner and the Wire - both amazing.

4) I have thoroughly enjoyed the 30 for 30 Challenge. I loved re-discovering my wardrobe and pairing items together that I hadn't previously considered. I have been very good and only have worn items from the 30 for 30 except for when I'm at home lazing in my sweats and sweatshirts. I cannot wait for the next challenge.

5) I may have to cheat a little and wear a non-challenge outfit in the upcoming week. I do not want to cheat and I want to get through this challenge with a clean record. However, it is the holiday season and I have a party this Saturday, which will be day 26, and I simply would not be able to forgive myself if I passed up a chance to dress up for the holidays! I will be wearing a challenge outfit all day long but will change into my bad outfit for the night. But don't worry, it's not cheating if the challenge and I are on a break for the night… right??

6) I have wanted to begin a blog for a long time but could never find the courage or settle on a topic. Well, I have yet to finalize the topic although the 30 for 30 Challenge definitely offered me a starting point and the courage has made enough of an appearance, although I foresee second guessing myself for a while to come. I have been loving the experience even though it has been a lot more work that I expected. I enjoy exercising my writing skills and know I care about my blog because I become frustrated when I catch myself being lazy but don't have the time to stop a minute and edit. I also did not realize how easy it would be to connect with people through blogging and I've been loving the sense of community, getting to know new people and reconnecting with old friends. I will definitely continue to blog once the challenge is complete.

7) I love to colour inside the lines, literally; this isn't an analogy. When I was younger I was obsessed with staying inside the lines, I just loved how it looked. I think I saw a big kid do it once. They would make a dark red line right inside, and all around, the pre-defined black line and then would lightly colour in the rest of the area. I remember being amazed by how quickly a crummy colouring page could be turned into something vibrant, bold and beautiful and my deepest desire was to accomplish the same thing. I guess this could be a little symbolic of myself however, while I would not dare to cross outside that black line on page I occasionally allow myself that freedom in life.

Now I don't think I have become acquainted with seven bloggers yet so I will tag  a few 30 for 30 remixers I've been following throughout the challenge. What would a nerd wear, a pretty penny, simple subtle style, la belle vie, hello, monkeyface, closet comforts, and chai love you.

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  1. Thanks for including me!! I've been swamped all week but I promise to post my seven secrets by the end of today! Some of my secrets aren't so different from yours (like #5). :)


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