Thursday, December 2

old is the new, new

Here is a new twist on an old recruitment ad I created a few weeks ago. The original appeared in the Chronicle Herald which requires ads to be in black and white unless you opt to pay for colour at the low price as your first born child. As I have no children to speak of and no one to steal them from I had to go with the black and white option. This ad however, will appear in a University Engineering yearbook so colour was more of an option.

Initially I couldn't decide on a text colour for the "Graduate Engineers". I flip-flopped between the same yellow as used in "careers" or having it remain the initial white. I found when I coloured it yellow, the top of the ad became too heavy with yellow creating a sense of un-balance. Eventually I noticed the colour I had been passing up {the only other colour in the ad} tried it and loved it. I like how the colouring highlights and targets who we are trying to recruit. I also like how the colouring creates a visual connection between the person in the foreground and the focus of our recruitment. When designing an ad for a defence contractor it is easy to be mistaken for an army or military recruitment ad. Being able to create a connection between the photos used and the actual positions being offered helps to ensure that not only will the message be received by the right audience and we won't be passed over. 

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