Monday, December 6

Oh Christmas Tree?

We finally got our first Christmas tree! The weather this weekend tried to thwart our efforts but we persevered, running to the lot the minute we had a sunny window of opportunity. It took fifteen minutes and a jean sacrifice {I'm hoping sap comes out easy} and it is up in our livingroom standing tall. Although, because we have 12 ft ceilings it doesn't look that tall. i'm going to move the tall bookcase into our bedroom in hopes of creating an illusion that it's taller.

Now that we have this tree I need to face the harder question of "How do I decorate it!?". I must admit I am slightly overwhelmed. I just don't know which direction I would like to take this in. I already have decorated the majority of our apartment so the stage has been set and colours are in place. I know I should incorporate some of the colours into the tree but I also realize the tree is a statement and as such it could stand alone and have the whole apartment still work in harmony. I'm also struggling with style. I know that I will go with the white twinkle lights and that I have always admired very simply decorated trees but how simple am I willing to go? Also, bows? I like the idea of them and am in love with them when the decorate the trees found in high-end boutiques but will that work in my house - do I want it to work in my house? As for the topper - I have never been a fan; not of stars, not of angels not of santas. I think this is the same problem I am facing with choosing colours for my portfolio site design; it is such a statement to have this one thing stand out above the rest and no item I find seems worthy.

As you can see I am thrown through a loop. I do not know which direction to take this and I have millions more queries than I have disclosed to you. Any advice? Any favourites of your own? 

My current decorations include:
vases filled with bulbs - blues, pearls, silvers, silver sparkles, taupes
a small tree - decoaretd with similar bulbs, white lights a small red and green bells.
little red, green and silver gift confetti scattered under the little tree.

I don't think there's room for gold but other than that I don't have many vetos in place just yet!

Update: Apparently you cannot have real Christmas trees in apartment buildings. sad life. now to find our beautiful tree a new home.

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