Thursday, December 9

It's all in the tights

The closer we get to Christmas the more insane life gets which is unfortunate because all I want to do is decorate my fake tree, relax, watch christmas movies and drink egg nog. So I must apologize for this will be quick and dirty. If you're jonesing for a longer read check out my tree story post. Some weird real-tree-angst over took me this morning and I could only express it through an overly dramatic short story.

lovelygirl shirt, Club Monaco skirt, Club Monaco belt, Hue tights, Franco Sarto pumps

I have had this one in my back pocket from the beginning of the challenge. These are all pieces you have seen multiple times in various ways, but I just love how they come together in this outfit. You've already seen me gush over this shirt before and boy would I like to again, but I've got to keep this short... ok, maybe I will say a few words. I love how this shirt makes me feel when I wear it. It's so comfortable and the pattern makes me feel feminine and graceful but bold and strong at the same time. This feeling extended to my entire outfit as the pencil skirt reinforced the feeling of femininity and gracefulness while the belt supported the boldness and strength. I love these hue tights. From far away the pattern isn't immediately noticeable and I like that subtlety; the quiet statement of it all.


  1. I love this shirt!!! I actually love the whole outfit, but I adore anything with flowers!!

  2. Aww thank you so much! I've just recently discovered flowers and they are amazing. I checked out your blog and it's so fun, I will definitely re-visit anytime I need flower inspiration.

  3. I really really like your blog! I just found it and you are so cute!! I just read what you do and I am a marketing major graduating this year but I wish I would have done something with graphic design. Anyway, I wanted to ask if 30 for 30 has been hard for you?! I really want to do it for my blog(and myself):)

  4. Thank you! I love getting feedback and I definitely double-love positive feedback! I can totally relate to choosing a marketing major while simultaneously having your eye on that graphic design major and wondering what could have been.

    Honestly, when it comes to employment, it's all about luck. Luck that you got the job in the first place, luck that they give you the opportunity to do something creative and luck that they recognize the creativity, eye and talent in you. If you want to be in graphic design, begin by studying and learning on your own time so if the opportunity presents yourself you're ready for the challenge,

    as for the 30 for 30 challenge - i have loved it. I'm not done yet but i know that I could have at least another 10 outfits based on the pieces I chose. i love how it challenged me to stretch my closet and remix my items; it definitely proved to me that a few items can go a long way. When you're choosing you're pieces pick items that you love, item's you can already mixing into at least two outfits. Then choose items you loved when you bought but haven't been wearing much since. This way you'll be able to wear a lot of items you're comfortable with while pushing yourself, and discovering more about yourself, on days you're brave.


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