Tuesday, December 7

Have I already worn this one??

The answer is no, but kind of. I wore the shirt and jacket combo for remix outfit#8 but the pants, shoes and necklace make the combo brand spanking new...ish. 

Halogen jacket, Kensie blouse, BCBG slacks, Club Monaco skinny belt, Franco Sarto pumps

Between this outfit and Remix #8 I definitely enjoy number 8 better; the aubergine and white just seem to pop against the full black. Another way I like to wear this outfit is with my black tee swapped in for my white shirt. I think that I will save the white blouse and jacket combo for the skirt and use the black tee and jacket combo when wearing the pants. I love how the splash of green from the necklace helps to highlight the aubergine and show it in a new light. This green and purple somehow seem made for each other.

I love the colour and cut of these slacks but ever since the dry cleaners shrunk my pants I just don't feel the same way I used to. I included an image of the hemline against my heels, do you think the slacks are too short to pair with this shoe? I may be a little more worried than I should be, however when you're my height half an inch can make all the difference. 


  1. I love the blouse on you. The puffed sleeve and darker buttons really sass it up. And I don't mind the length of the pants. You could probably wear them with flats, too which would also be super cute. Lucky you with the legs!


  2. omg i LOVE the puff sleeve on the blouse. it's little details like that that can make a piece...or an outfit. i also love them combined with the trousers. you have the cutest work clothes!

  3. Thank you! I try and choose pieces that I would wear out of the office, that way I never feel too dressed up and it's more natural

  4. those puff sleeves make u look like ur 5

  5. those puff sleeves make u look like ur 5


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