Saturday, December 4

Friday Two Two

I had packed it in and was down for the count when we decided to venture out to our friend's show. Although it was a Friday, I had settled into the idea of an early bedtime and some tv. So, when we made the decision to go I was moving at a snail's pace and dragging my feet, that is until I realized this meant a new outfit! Two outfits in one day you ask? I know, insanity. Well, not really. Before this challenge began it was very normal for me to begin the day dressed one way and change once or twice before the day was through. I quit this behaviour upon beginning the challenge because I feared I may run out of options. Now that I am more than half finished the challenge I'm not as worried and I am simply growing impatient. The impatience isn't so much a result of the the Challenge itself as it is the pressure of the upcoming Holiday season and my desire to wear pretty dresses outside of my 30 items.

MEXX cardigan, RW&Co shirt, Rich&Skinny jeans, Steve Madden boots and Tretorns for later.
The show was at a dive bar with a brutal draft so it took a while to put together something warm but nice, but not too nice. I finally had my outfit finally decided on, had finished snapping some pictures and was about to leave when I realized it was raining. I know that I did not include these rainboots in the 30 for 30, but seriously, what's a girl to do? ruin her shoes? I hope the moderator will give me a pass on this one!

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