Sunday, December 5

For lack of a better title.

I decided that this year was the year we would get our first Christmas tree! I inherited I small fake tree from a friend who was moving and although I love it and it's adorable, I'm ready for the big leagues. I couldn't decide for the longest time whether to make the leap and I feel that I must disclose my cons, they are pretty amazing. {Note: Jack and I still spend Christmas with our families because if we were in our apartment Christmas morning there would have been no pro/con tree list.}

Con - pine needles all over my apartment. 
Con - I don't have a tree base. 
Con - Watering a Christmas tree is awkward and annoying and I don't want to do it often. 
Con - If I don't water it, it will dry up and there will be pine needles all over my appointment.
Con - I love giant trees (because I'm a giant). Giant trees need lots of water and have an insane amount of pine needles.

In the end the tree won out over my laziness and I am excited. We were going to pick it up yesterday but it has been raining non-stop in Halifax and a rainy tree is definitely a con, so instead we went to see Morning Glory with Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton and so many more great people. I loved it. There were some points I found disjointed and I was a little confused about how the love story evolved but overall, great time, great decision. What stayed with me the most was the dress Rachel McAdams wore to her interview at NBC. It was definitely not a dress I would ever choose to wear to an interview but for the sake of movie magic; it was totally believable. So, for your viewing pleasure, the mystery dress:

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