Friday, December 3

fee fi foe fay, I smell friiidayy

This morning, as I began to put on the outfit I had chosen last night I remembered a shirt. A shirt, I had not yet worn. A shirt, I had forgotten was included in my 30 for 30 options. A shirt, that is warm, comfy and perfect for a rainy, dreary day such as this. I rudely told my bf blazer, "better luck next time sucka!" and hung him back in my closet while grabbing my soft, sweet alternative from the top shelf. Some days the tailored stiffness of a jacket is something you just want to live without.

Banana Republic sweater, Rick and Skinny jeans, Steve Madden boots

I have a love/hate relationship with this sweater. I love the style; the buttons on the left shoulder, the thickness of it's stripes. I dislike that it isn't quite long enough on the bottom, that it doesn't hang more loosely off my chest (I may have to take the blame for that one) and that it stretches after one use. I've taken to wearing it with a new pair of grey Kensie jeans, ordered from Beyond the Rack, my leather coat and a colourful scarf requiring me to improvise since the jeans are not a part of the challenge and it is too cold and rainy for such a coat. I was happy how this combination came together and was very happy I chose to wear my faux pearls, which had been an after-thought.

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