Monday, December 20

bulbs, trees and batman

I am excited to finally share my Christmas decoration with you! Luckily I was able to decorate before I lost all my motivation and creativity, something I didn't see coming but often occurs when my brain is at max capacity. This loss isn't so bad, for the most part I stay content or at least indifferent and calm. I only really run into trouble when trying to speak (cannot find the words, any words), while working on fun home-made gifts for my loves (cheerio art anyone?) or while trying to get a start on all the post 9-5 creative projects I've signed up for.

Although I have been seeing a lot of this style of decorating this season I am pleased to smugly let you know I have so been doing this for the last 3 years. hmmm, maybe i should not be smug and find a new way to decorate? Either way I still love this style. Bulbs are so quick, easy and fun. They add a splash of colour and festivity anywhere you can get them and they aren't to bulky to cause frustration. Our tree is covered only in bulbs. I'm not against ornaments. Bulbs are just simple and easy to work with, ornaments take searching and a revisiting. The only non-bulbs on our tree are the cupcake ornament, courtesy of my sisters, the lights and Jack's batman, he guards the presents. My favourite bulbs are the matte taupe and purple, but I like how the sparkly ones balance the tree.

Jack and I make our own Christmas cards. Jack and I tend to send our Christmas cards very late. You may only receive a Christmas card from Jack and I around New Years... Happy New Years! I love this card. Jack drew the reindeer and screen printed it on sheets of white paper. I mixed the colour and helped the screen printing process, mostly by playing with the paint. This year we were really into the same paper so that was easy. That may sound funny but there has been a lot of negotiating over paper in the past - paper weight? colour? white? off white? pattern? red/green? silver/gold? you can see how it may go. We're silly. To make the most out of our paper we made two different styles... soo fancy!

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