Tuesday, December 28

Boots Restored!

While reading my daily blogs I have begun to notice a trend. A pattern that only emerges once the weather darkens, the snow and slush pile up and the sidewalks become littered with salt - the demise of boots. Obviously boots should be worn in the colder months however most of us don't have the pleasure of living in warmer climates and therefore must take our beloved boots out to salt-covered, slushy streets that test the very fabric of our favourite boots whether we want them to or not. 

I, like many, have spent way too much money on new boots only to see them surrender after one harsh winter. I have even been so foolish as to buy two of the same boot two years in a row, knowing that it likely only had a season in it.  

This year, I got tired of not being able to build up my boot collection. This year I took two pairs of my Steve Madden boots, with torn up heels to the local shoe repair - Moneysworth&Best - to see what they could do. My brown SM weren't so bad, they had a stronger heel to begin with so the repair was quick and easy - $15. My black SM were awful. Holes so big I finally realize why people kept mistaking me for a hobo - not to say I didn't enjoy the extra change.

My poor Steve Madden boots. No heel. Giant hole. Sad life.
Repaired! A small patch, more noticeable with a camera flash on them than day-to-day. Tall(er) heel. No hole. Good as new... maybe a little dirty, but that's an easy fix!

 For $45, they removed the old sole, added a new one, added a slightly higher heel, put a very inconspicuous patch over the large hole area and cleaned the boots up good as new! They also told me that the best way to prevent this from happening is to have a slightly higher heel added upon purchase (which the store likely will not do, but someone like a shoe cobbler could for much less than $45).

What I loved about this experience is I now have a two-boot collection (not including rain boots) which I can continue to add to in various styles rather than repeatedly replacing staples.


  1. excellent post! To the cobbler!

  2. how awesome! that's so good to know. i always kill boots in the winter, and i definitely don't want anything bad to happen to my new babies!

  3. Oh my gosh, thanks for posting this!! Your boots look great, I'm going to make a trip to the cobbler to see what they can do with mine! I love my Steve maddens so much I'm glad there's an alternative to throwing them away :)

    What's sad is that I got these boots on super clearance in the spring for $20, so to fix them will cost more than the boots themselves. Oh well!


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