Monday, December 13

Back to Reality

I almost wanted to skip posting this remix outfit and pretend that I stayed in sweats all day Sunday. The outfit is not horrid - in fact it's one of my favourites. The issue lies with how recently it was worn. Usually, I would never dream of committing this cardinal sin of repeating such a bold piece so often in so few days but I am dangerously close to the end of this challenge and living life on the edge. I also waited a silly amount of time to tag this one in and feel I owe to myself to mix it at least one more way - a dressier way. Additionally, keep in mind that the last time I wore it was to work and last night was for my friend's birthday dinner where nobody from my work would be in attendance.

Club Monaco boyfriend blazer, tuttle dress, Hue tights, Steve Madden shoes, necklace from Biscuit
My mantra: I love tuttle. I love Sweet Pea. I love this dress. It is so much more versatile than I originally imagined (just wait for spring when I pair it with my grey converse). It can go day to night easy peasy and loves to be taken out and shown off. Pairing the black blazer tones down it's edge and makes it a great choice, and one of my favourite choices, for a late dinner.

This is also one of my favourite photo-shoots. We stopped by an un-finished road to get my pictures and I was super brave and didn't even make Jack hide the camera when people walked, or drove, by. This may seem silly but is a big deal for me!

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  1. I love that dress. So pretty! I don't blame you at all for wanting to wear it so often.


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