Sunday, November 21

weekend haze

This weekend has been a lazy one filled with movies, sweatpants and delicious food. My main accomplishments included going to the gym today {it was horrible and I don't recommend it anyone}, and working on my design portfolio website for my dreamweaver course.

Designing a portfolio website is more difficult than any defence ad, wedding invitation, photo layout or  typography challenge I've ever done. The difficulty lies in the self-critiquing; the feeling and knowledge that you could do better. It's the idea that this design, this layout, this logo will represent you for as long as it's out there. It's going alright. I'm distracting myself with the layout and site design. Aside from the actual design, I am also struggling with whether to use my new-found alter-ego "classic noise" as the title. From a branding standpoint I think it is best to establish a cohesive image for myself.

As you can imagine I needed a break. I have been in love with Robyn for a while now. I saw her perform at Osheaga in Montreal this summer and have had her albums {Body Talk Pt.1, Body Talk Pt.2 and Body Talk} on my iphone since a few months prior. Recently I have discovered my new favourite song by her and have decided to adopt it as my anthem. My previous anthem, although close to my heart, has now been replaced - don't be intimidated by the lyrics but heed them as advice.

...just kidding!

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