Sunday, November 28

Sleepy. Sunny. Sunday.

When I woke up this morning I had planned on staying in my sweats and a tee until this evening when I was ready to go to bed again. I was halfway to my goal when, upon returning from the gym (two days in two weeks - pretty exciting) Jack, dressing in a collar-shirt and snazzy sweater said we should go for a walk. Not one to turn down a walk or look like a hobo next to my handsome boyfriend, I jumped in the shower and quickly chose an outfit suitable for the 30 for 30 Challenge. It's an understatement to say that this is a bit dressier than I planned on being today, however I had a warm scarf so I was content.

Rich&Skinny jeans, MEXX grey cardigan, black tee, Steve Madden, le Chateau scarf

When I chose the black tee this morning, I initially imagined it paired with the perfect necklace. Unfortunately I did not seem to own the perfect necklace this morning. With necklaces out of the picture I turned to my collection of scarves and found exactly what I was looking for; a little colour! I get great use from my accent scarves since they add a needed splash of colour to the many ways I pair grey and black. They also offer additional warmth which is always a plus in windy ol' Halifax. I usually grab mine from le Chateau because they have such a great assortments of colours and they are super well-priced at $15 (i think). My MEXX cardigan is fairly new, bought during the last week of October, and I am loving its softness and warmth and cannot wait to work it into more outfits in the future.

After our walk we stopped by Two if by Sea on the way home to get a coffee and a treat. Anyone who has been by Two if by Sea knows that nothing to compare to their pain au chocolat. Today we realized we'd  only ever had their pain au chocolat and other croissants so we decided to try out a carrot muffin. Well, now I am here to tell you these are the be all and end all of muffins, however be prepared to eat it as a meal rather than a snack because it is massive.

Jack in his "Kanye" sweater (he has two) and our Two if by Sea coffee, chai latte and massive muffin


  1. you are rockin the challenge! love that scarf - great color! :)

  2. Thanks so much, it is definitely getting difficult though. I'm hoping it will continue to be fun even as i get into the 20s!


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