Sunday, November 28

Saturdays like these

Saturdays like these are what make weekends. I began my day with brunch at Coastal Coffee with my wonderful guy, Jack. I included two quick snap shots of our dishes just to make you jealous. I had Les Oeufs Automne which is sour dough toast, parsnips, butternut compote, poached eggs, bacon, and maple goat cheese. Jack had the special which included duck, quesadilla, beans, eggs and other insanity. If you haven't been to Coastal Coffee I suggest you go immediately; you will not be able to believe the deliciousness that awaits you. I finished mine off and then had some of Jack's quesadilla, it had cheese, how could I turn down cheese?

After brunch Jack had a meeting followed by a commitment to photograph my remix outfit 11. Since it was a nice day, with a high of 2, and we didn't have any sort of time restriction we went down to Point Pleasant Park. Jack has been trying to better his photography skills and my Remix Challenge is the perfect opportunity to work on his skills with the park as the perfect back drop. The rest of the day was spent getting a head start of Christmas Shopping, decorating our apartment (mostly done by me), watching movies and drinking rum and egg nog while doing so.

Kersh cardigan, Kensie blouse, Rich&Skinny jeans, Steve Madden boots
As I mentioned, it was a balmy high of 2 today with sun right up until we made it to the Park for the photo shoot. This caused me to be somewhat un-cooperative with my poses and my face completely un-cooperative in every way resulting in very few face shots being shown above. I also also being shy and would halt the shoot any time someone would come down the path which is why all the photos are taken in front of one wall. I must admit I am blown away by the colour saturation in outdoor photos compared to photos taken indoors, it's incredibly what a little light can do. If we have the opportunity to do another shoot outside I will try to be more cooperative.

I was really excited about this outfit because I had never combined these pieces before and the result was bold, simple, cozy, and smart all at once, if I do say so myself. I love any opportunity to wear my brown boots so I jump with excitement at the prospect of a new outfit that will incorporate them. My wardrobe is more geared to black accents so this isn't always as often as I would like.

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