Wednesday, November 24

running late...

I'm sorry I'm late with this outfit post, friends but it snowed in Halifax yesterday and it threw me into such a tailspin of depression that I was unable to blog... That, or I've just been swamped and completely immersed working overtime on my portfolio site for my Dreamweaver course. It's coming along pretty well but every once in a while I stop, stumble and begin over-analyzing everything I've done to date. On the plus side it's coming along pretty well even though I've struggled with a fair amount of frustration. I will make sure to post a sneak peek of the design sometime soon. On to my outfit posts...

Remix Outfit #6, also known as Monday

RW&Co shirt, Forever21 necklace, Club Monaco pants, Franco Sarto pumps

Comfort can be very important when choosing an outfit for a Monday morning, and it was my inspiration for this outfit. Once again I put my t-shirt fancy-ing techniques to practice by pairing it with a large necklace. A few people even asked if it was a part of the shirt! A quick note on the nails - this is "William Tell Me About OPI", it is my newest dark purple and I have been loving it. Three years ago it was a dark purple nail polish by the name of Vendetta from Chanel and a pact with a close friend, Kelly that made me quit bitting my nails.

I was planning on writing a post for Remix Outfit #7 as well, however it is wayyy too late so I will save that for tomorrow!

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