Monday, November 29

Mushy Monday

Since I’m already half-way through, I’ve decided to continue with including the weekdays in my post titles until next Friday, let’s hope I bring my a-game and don’t get too cheesy. Mushy Monday is inspired by the way I feel today; mushy. The feeling of mushy is the one where even though you’re awake your eyes are half closed, your legs feel relaxed enough to still be tucked in and you can barely pick your feet up as you walk. The feeling of mushiness does not tend to affect ones mood, in fact rather than defaulting to annoyance you default to indifference allowing for a calm drift through your day. It is an alright state to exist in however when busy it can be frustrating to deal with.
Club Monaco blouse, Club Monaco trouser, Club Monaco skinny belt, Franco Sarto pumps

I had an outfit chosen for this morning which was dismissed once I realized the state I was in. Instead I opted for a clean office look to distract from my mushy demeanor. When I first came across shirts with ties I was smitten. As you may know I have just begun to take a shine to jewelry so I loved the idea that I didn’t have to choose a necklace, although I’m guessing a skilled wearer of jewelry could make one work. By putting this shirt on you automatically give the appearance of being put-together, paired with heels and dress pants the impression comes full circle. My one complaint with this shirt, and many of the shirts from Club Monaco, is that it is quite short. When I wear a shirt I like to be comfortable in the knowledge that it will not come un-tucked during my day and it seems that Club Monaco either designs from the smaller torso or they enjoy shirts un-tucking. I was originally going to pair this shirt with my BCBG camel dress pants but nixed the plan when I realized how wrinkly they can get; you need to be in a certain mood to deal with that throughout the day. My favourite part of my entire outfit today is actually my nail polish – OPI’s Ski Teal We Drop. I first discovered this colour’s existence while reading ahautemess, who also introduced me to another favourite – You Don’t Know Jacques. I love this dark teal colour because it is more obvious than many of the dark purples and can surprisingly look great with most other colours in existence. This past weekend I actually discovered two new colours that I cannot wait to try: Just a Little Rosti at This and Over the Taupe, and once Rosti is finished, from A to Zurich. I couldn’t decide between the two reds and chose the former because it was slightly more purplish than the latter.

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