Monday, November 15

a little late is better than never

Since I just began blogging yesterday I'm a little late to the 30 for 30 Remix challenge. However, not one to shy away from a challenge, I decided to begin today. Above are my thirty items for the thirty days, I miss-counted so I had to get rid of one pair of jeans. I don't know if cutting the jeans was the right decision yet but it's done.

I focused on pieces that were work appropriate... except for one of the dresses. I'm hoping most of the pieces will transfer easily to the weekend without much trouble, and if I can only have one pair of jeans skinny dark denim is the way to go.

My pieces are as follows: 1 pair of jeans, 2 pairs of dress pants, 2 boots, 3 heels, 2 skirts, 2 blazers, 4 dresses, 4 cardigans, 10 shirts.

yikes, looks like i'm doing this...

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