Friday, November 26

Light at the end of the tunnel

Just a quick note, this was written Thursday so let's pretend I got it posted on Thursday too.
It’s Friday! Okay, it’s Thursday, but it’s almost Friday! Every Thursday morning when I wake up I think: one more day! one more day! and this week was no exception. In fact, I think I was shouting it stronger and louder than I have in a while. I was up late again last night putting the finishing touches on my portfolio site, I could have been finished early but I chose to go to Chapters at Mic Mac Mall in Dartmouth to see David Sedaris – pretty good reason to suffer today if you ask me. He was amazing, just as emotive, genuine, sincere, and darling in person as you would imagine him to be as you listen to his audio book or story on This American Life while struggling through a particularly tough day at work. It is amazing to meet someone that you’ve respected and admired for a long time and to realize that they are everything you wished they were and more. I realize this is a tall order and have been disappointed in the past (coughJonocough) but it is also likely why I was so blown away by him, how amazing must he be to not disappoint. Also, he’s been collecting jokes during his tour and I told him one that Jack made up and he loved it – I made David Sedaris laugh! I have to admit that I started to tell it wrong but luckily caught myself before the punch-line, re-started and delivered. I’m so awkward.

Tuttle & Leonardo shirt, Club Monaco skirt, Club Monaco belt, Hue tights, Steve Madden boots

Remix outfit #9
Nine is my favourite number; however this outfit was a little lazy. While I sometimes live by the rule that a giant belt can pull anything together this belt tried its hardest but did not succeed in disguising the comfiness.  This shirt has gotten me through a winter and a couple cold autumns establishing itself as a great grab in the dark. I keep being nervous that I got the leonardo part of the brand name wrong because once I saw tuttle&leonardo written I automatically stored that away are turtle&leopard. While turtle&leonardo may be a great name for a children's book {and don't even think of stealing it} it is certainly not the actual name of my shirt. I also often wonder whether this is the same tuttle who I hold so dear teamed up with another designer. My boots are a dead giveaway as to whether I'm aiming for comfort or fashion, luckily for me the boots are very versatile and usually don't take too much away from the ensemble if I swap them in instead of pumps. This pencil skirt has saved me from many a dull fashion days. I can wear it with a shirt tucked in and a belt overtop or with a shirt pulled down over top creating a very different style. I like to use the Hue printed tights to create a break between the black skirt and the black boots, although the contrast doesn't always show in photographs the difference is much more apparent up close.


  1. I am jealous. In the best possible way! I always imagined, if he was even a tiny bit as dear and funny in real life as he is in his books, I'd be swooning all over the place.

    And your outfit is lovely! There's no harm in looking cozy, and those tights and belt keep everything nice and sleek.

  2. thanks! It's one of my favs for a cold day so I'll keep it in rotation.

    as for david sedaris, he's on a huge tour so hopefully he'll come to your city too! I will definitely see him again if he ever comes back.

  3. LOVE the tights!

    A Haute Mess

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