Thursday, November 25

Killing me softly

This is was the third morning this week that I woke up from only 5 hours of sleep. My portfolio site is killing. Actually it is likely that I am the one, myself and my endless quest for excellence, which is killing me. I keep telling myself: think of this as an assignment, it doesn’t need to be perfect; you can make it better later. The thing is that’s not how I like to do things. I like to do things right and I like to do them once. I understand that there will be a phase 2 of this site and in all certainty a phase 3 after it has been up for a few months. Nonetheless I prefer to throw myself into it now rather than later so phase 2 and phase 3 are more straightforward, less aggravating and more exciting. You can imagine how frustrating I may have been to my group members during Marketing projects, in my defence though our hard work always paid off.

Side-tracked by memories of school and design – onto Remix outfit #8!
Halogen jacket, Kensie blouse, BCBG skirt, Hue tights, Nine West shoes.

Reflecting on the photos I now think the Nine West peep toes should have been traded in for the black Franco Sarto pumps. The ankle strap always worked well with this outfit during the summer and spring sans tights; however the contrast between the strap and the black tight cuts my leg short where the black pump would continue the elongation. I love these shoes though so I may just have to find shorter dresses to make them last through the winter! The purple jacket is one of my favourite pieces. The purple is so rich and warm and the detailing on the jacket sweet and subtle. I bought this while in Denver visiting my friend, Jackie and love it for its characteristics as well as the memories it offers. It offers a splash of un-confrontational colour that adds so much to the black, white and grey pieces I favour. The blouse is great and the buttons add something sharp to it. The downside of the shirt is it’s a bit short; sometimes I tuck it into my tights but the skirt sits too low on my hips causing an embarrassing glimpse into the world of my undergarments.


  1. I really think the peep toes work! You're tall, right? At least 5'8", I'm guessing. Sure, your legs would technically look longer with the pumps, but your height gives you some room to play with breaking up the line. I *like* the peep toes. I have a lot of the same "safe" dressing concerns you do, but this one is a great look to test your comfort zone :)

  2. really like the whole outfit except for the blouse i don't like the puffy sleeves. they are way too puffy i think the blouse would be better without them but thats just me.

  3. Omg I disagree I love those cute sassy puffy sleeves!


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