Thursday, November 25

I’ve got just the ticket!

As I looked out my window at the dreary weather Tuesday morning I realized: what better way to wash away the grey than to make it a tuttle day! It is amazing how much joy I feel at the prospect of wearing one of her dresses, especially if it’s one long enough to wear to work. As much as I love this dress in so many ways I’ve had a rough time making it work. One concern is the neckline, as modest as it is I always feel as though I am much too aware of my chest. My other frustration is I have not decided what type of jewelry to pair with it. As you know, I am a bit shy when it comes to jewelry however I believe the right piece would take this dress to another level and I need to discover what it is. If you have any ideas please let me know, it has been driving me a little crazy.

Katrina Tuttle dress, Steve Madden booties, Club Monaco boyfriend blazer, Hue tights

Upon mentioning my concerns I re-considered the photos and re-assessed my feelings towards the dress. Although these two points are still issues I would like resolved, I fell in love with the dress all over again and believe I will feel more comfortable the next time I wear it. The pattern is amazing, it is honestly to die for, I cannot put into words the emotions I experience when I look at this fabric – I know, its intense. I’ve often put the blazer on over-top when I wasn’t feeling brave enough for the sleeves, or when I felt they made my shoulders look broad but now I realize the dress doesn’t need hiding and the sleeves are even that scary or brazen. If I were to skip the blazer I think I would try my favourite Club Monaco belt or that elusive necklace once I track it down.

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