Saturday, November 20

fa fa fa fa friiiidayyy

As you may be able to tell, I am incredibly excited it's Friday. Fridays mean many things to me. Fridays mean jeans at work. Fridays mean 8 hours until relaxation and extra time to be spent with my handsome boyfriend. Fridays mean not having to wake up early the next day... although I tend to be awake by 8:30am anyway. Everything just seems so much better once Friday comes around.

Tulle Oxford shirt, Rich and Skinny jeans, Steve Madden boots

I bought this shirt from Aritzia while in Ottawa this past June for work. Being from Halifax, where Aritzia is merely a tale told by the t.dotters of Dal, I was slightly underwhelmed by the store in the flesh. It's possible that in another season I would have been much more in awe, however I did not jump with excitement at the opportunity to buy over-priced gym wear - that's what lululemon is for {note: this is said with love, not scorn... maybe a little scorn}. But I digress, I left the store with the oxford shirt and a pair of black tulle shorts, two items that I mixed and matched and repeated all summer long- so it's safe to say I would re-visit.

I have mixed feelings about Rich and Skinny jeans - I hate the brand name, but love the product; they fit like a dream. I've noticed lately that they have been trying to diversify resulting in some hits and misses, but overall Rich and Skinny is  a great brand and definitely my go-to brand for the perfect skinny, or boyfriend, jean.

Finally, I love this wooden bracelet. It is much like my black cuff except wooden. My sister brought it back for me from her trip to Uganda. Unfortunately, during the "photo-shoot" it slipped off my wrist and broke on our concrete floor, nothing some crazy-glue can't fix. I had wanted to wear a certain bronze necklace but I was unable to find it.  I was also unable to find my light brown skinny belt. I was actually late to work because I made it my mission to find both, but failed. Not having either left my outfit a little plain-jane, but it was Friday, so who cares.

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