Thursday, November 18

Diamonds are a girl's best friend

It is not until recently that I started to warm up to prints. For the longest time I shied away, afraid of the attention they would draw and how they would affect the total outfit. I have always enjoyed classic, clean styles {Coco Before Chanel was my dream} and I also appreciate a challenge, so once I was brave enough I began to dive in. This shirt is not my first print, my first print was actually a dress by Katrina Tuttle, but this shirt has stumped me since I bought it which is why I threw it in. I was drawn to it the minute I saw and knew I wanted it the minute I put it on. I was trying to figure out what stumps me about it and I think it's the wide floppy neck - for which, I'm sure, there is a technical name... anyone know it? Well I have had enough! I bought this shirt for a reason and it's time I make it work! Hopefully this won't be the last time you see this shirt... although I think I'll be wearing it with my jeans next.

I included a close up of my hands because I wanted to note the nail polish - You Don't Know Jacques by OPI. I was first introduced to this nail polish when I stumbled upon ahautemess around this time last year and took a chance on a girl's list of favourites. A year later and it's still my number one and I suggest you try it too! Also please note the bracelet, or cuff of black metal. I bought this about 3 years ago from Peep Show and have worn it daily since. Not only did I avoid patterns for a long time but I hid from jewelry as well and this cuff was my first step into that world. I've recently begun to try and push myself to find pieces that really work for me and allow me to wear these accessories without fear. Chunky, simple pieces seem to be doing that for me right now.

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