Sunday, November 14

And so it begins...

In the past, I have watched with admiration as many of my friends began their own blogs, while I quietly shied away. I could never decide how I would like to focus my blog and this overwhelmed me to no end.

Fashion? Food? Design? 

My first passion has always been design, layout and general aesthetic however I feared I was too green and would not have enough to say (I now realize this was ridiculous and that my  opinions, no matter how green, had merit and could be found interesting). My other major fear was that I would re-read what I had written and cringe at my mortifying posts. I have a history of doing this sort of thing- first with my diary at age 9 and again   at age 21 when considering my high school scrapbooks - my numerous high school scrapbooks.

Now, a few years out of school and into my career, I'm going to throw caution to the wind and risk my future-self being thoroughly mortified. I'm even going to take it a step further, go wild, and let this be a noisy cacophony of fashion, food and design. 

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