Thursday, November 18

and now for something different

This is my first design related post and I'm excited and a little nervous . I thought I would share the two recruitment ads I recently designed for my company. The first appeared in Saturday's Chronicle Herald on November 6th and the second on November 12th.

I really liked the concept behind the first ad, the combination of a very simple image (a silhouette) with an abundance of negative space. However, when you work in the defence industry nothing can ever be as simple as that. The ship chosen had to be a frigate, resulting in a longer ship than I would have chosen. Then we had to incorporate the image of the product we won the contract for which made the "simple" image more complicated and the entire longer which took away from our negative space. I've also included an idea what my ideal ad would have been, however it would have been tweaked more had I been able to pursue it.

The second ended up being my favourite of the two.  The ad looked very crisp and clean in the newspaper and the photocopied image doesn't give it much justice so I included the original jpg as well. I was wary about using a full picture for the ad since it was going to be used in a newspaper but it sure showed me. I took the background of the image (the ship and the sea), added a gaussian blur, lowered the opacity allowing it to fade nicely and not compete with the text. I love the layering of the semi-transparent boxing and how it balances so well on the page with the silhouette of the sailor.

This is my favourite part of my job. I feel so lucky to have been given the opportunity to do Graphic Design work with my company since I was hired as a Marketing Coordinator. If you would like to see other past work, I have my portfolio posted as a facebook album. 

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